Top Things To Do, and Not To Do, in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in the world: a city with endless options for everyone, full of life, culture, history, sunny beaches, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of interesting places to visit. Barcelona is always better in the summer, but it is also interesting during winter: mild weather, and a magical atmosphere during Christmas. Even skiing is available in the Pyrenees or in Andorra, only a two hour drive from the city.

Barcelona received more than 7 million visitors in 2012, and most of them probably visited the top tourist attractions:

La Sagrada Familia – A building very famous for its architecture. Construction first started in 1882, and is unbelievably still ongoing!

Sagrada Família

Church in Barcelona, Spain

La Boqueria Market – The most famous local market in the city, the favorite among tourists. It is a great place to sample local produce and try to grab a bargain. You can find good prices but remember: with tourists around the prices always get a bit higher, so manage your budget wisely.

Barceloneta Beach – No trip is complete without a little beach action, and this is definitely something that Barcelona can deliver! For some fun in the sun, Barceloneta Beach is your best bet, though it can get rather busy during peak holiday season. A little advice? This is the most crowded beach in the city, so it is recommended that you visit Castelldefels beach or Salou. Of course, you will find a lot of people during summer, but at least here you will be able to find a spot in the sand!

Barcelona FC Stadium – Not everyone is a football fan, but for those who are, visiting this amazing stadium could be a dream come true. It is not a good idea, though, to visit wearing a Real Madrid team t-shirt, as they are Barcelona’s biggest competitor. It is better not provoke the locals, who are crazy about football!

All the above information is probably known to most tourists who visit Barcelona. So, for something a little more interesting, instead of going on and on about Barcelona’s greatest, this post will focus on Barcelona’s… not so great. Here follows a quick guide of the things one should definitely avoid in this great tourist destination, and things that you may not know, but definitely should.

1. Don´t eat in Las Ramblas

Sure, they’re worth a visit, and they’re well-known for a good reason. But they’re only really the place to go if you’re planning on eating out and being ripped-off. There are many much better, and cheaper, places where you can enjoy Barcelona’s great cuisine.

2. Taxis for getting around? No thanks…

Taxi fares are ludicrous. The Metro is a good alternative, but the view underground is, of course, not much to rave about. Get a car hire in Barcelona instead so you can get around comfortably, much cheaper than by taxi, and you still get a chance to take in the sights. You can compare prices and find good car hire deals with a company as Auto Europe

3. La Sagrada Familia – pretty from the outside

You should definitely visit Gaudi’s master work, but only from the outside. Save the money you would spend for a good restaurant.

4. Barcelona has only one airport

Most people who look for cheap flights to Barcelona think that there are three airports in the city. However, there is only one. Both Girona Airport and Reus Airport are more than a one hour drive away.

5. Don’t expect to see a bullfight

In a very controversial, yet progressive, measure, Catalonia was the first region to make bullfighting illegal and eradicate it.

Best places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is in Spain and the second largest city in the country and has a population of nearly one and half million. Barcelona is known for its decent beaches but has other tourist attractions to visit while on holiday there. These are some of the best and famous places that would like to visit.

La Sagrada Familia Church – In Barcelona this unfinished church is one of the top tourist attractions that you will not miss to see. It is the most famous spot and is visited by more than 3 million people in a year and to get inside you need to queue as there are always a lot of people waiting. It is also possible to book in advance to skip the lines but most people chose to just see it from outside. The unfinished basilica is the most famous building in the world.

The Magic Fountain – in Barcelona attraction this is a must see. It feels magic as you experience the magic show of light, water and music. The fountain was constructed in 1929 for the Barcelona World food fair and one of the main attractions. The magic fountain being one of the most famous tourist spot has an estimated of 2.5 million visitors in a year. During summer they have water light shows between Thursday to Friday and entry is free.

Picasso Museum – this is the most famous museum in Barcelona and is a top attraction for tourists. In 2013 it will be celebrating 50 years and this will be done in three special anniversary exhibitions. The museum doesn’t have the famous paintings of Picasso but the collection it has is unique and is situated in magnificent mansions in a place called El Born.

Las Rambla Street – it is known in the world as one street that you would wish it never ends. The street is from Catalunya plaza to the monument of Columbus which is at harbor of Port Vell of Barcelona. This is a place you would visit not because it is spectacular but to have a feeling of human heartbeat of Barcelona. While in Barcelona this is a must visit place and is a safe place whether you visit during the day or early evening.

Barrio Gotico – in Barcelona Gotico quarter is the old medieval city. Its oldest part has many beautiful markets, plazas, churches, and museums. Some of the old parts of roman walls can be seen beneath the history museum. To visit there it is free. The place is safe but you should be aware of Barcelona pick pockets.

Park Guell – it’s the heritage site for UNESCO and is considered to be one of the top works of Gaudi. The place is among the top attraction sites and is a must see. It is located at the Carmel hill thus some uphill walking. The park was given to the city council in 1923 and since then it has been a public park.

Tourists who visit Barcelona some prefers to drive themselves around as it is possible for them to get a provisional driving licence. This makes the experience even better as you will have a chance to catch a glimpse of more places as you drive around.


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Foodie highlights of Barcelona
Barcelona is one of those beautiful cities of the World that a diehard traveler cannot afford to miss. Catalonia’s capital city is as famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle as for its serene beauty and is a popular tourist choice. You can find ample of beautiful islands including Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera along Spain’s gateway city and can experience a full active nightlife and vigor.
The city has something for all since one can get mesmerized by its art museums, shopping galleries, popular eating hotspots as well as sightseeing places. The beauty of Barcelona is because of its close proximity to Mediterranean Sea and a combination of cultural and cosmopolitan life thriving in the society.
Reaching the city
Barcelona is connected to major airports from all over the World. You can get complete flight details from airline’s website and can either book tickets beforehand or can wait for the last minute. Here are some other modes, In case you are travelling to the city from somewhere in Europe, you can travel by other means of transport like a private car, a bus or train.
Best places to visit in Barcelona
While the city boasts a lot of attractive destinations, some of the best places to visit are:

  • Salvador Dali Museum
  • La Rambla
  • Barri Gotic
  • La Padrera
  • Modernisme

Once in Barcelona, you definitely would not be able to resist your urge to taste almost everything that the city offers. Right from exquisite menu brought down to the city from all over the World by professional chefs to Spain’s own local flavors, Barcelona has something for everyone’s platter. Either you are with your family and friends or travelling alone, whether you an occasional binger or a hardcore gourmet, you can simply never have enough of Barcelona’s food.

The smell of local Spanish flavours has a tingling effect on your taste buds and leaves you mesmerized. Let us point some of the highlights of this foodie hub:

  • You must try Orxata once in the city. Although it tastes similar to a regular milkshake, this drink is a Barcelona specialty. Planelles Donat is the best place to serve you this drink in its natural tiger nut flavour. You can even try a Catalan dish called in this restaurant.
  • You can try out the EI Mariachi bar for pacharán and other cocktails. This underground bar is near Barri Gotic and is famous for its music theme.
  • Apart from EI Mariachi, there are a host of other underground bars and restaurants all over Barri Gotic to try out. You can ask your local guide or residents for more information on them.
  • Spend a day in La Boqueria and enjoy the local cuisine of Barcelona. The market hosts everything, right from cheese to meats and will definitely increase your appetite.
  • You can taste the best stew in Terra d’Escudella in a restaurant called Eat Escudella that also serves cuttlefish and Dorada rice among its various other specialties.
  • Barceloneta Beach is famous for cod fishes, Esqueixada Catalana and other varieties of fish dishes. If you are a particular seafood lover, this place suits you the best.

You must try to spend lesser amount of cash on shopping and more on tasting the wide variety of food available, otherwise you will regret it later! The vibrant city is the perfect destinations for foodies and once you visit the city, you could not miss the Spanish tastes. • If you are travelling from anywhere else, for flight details which provide you an excellent range of assisted facilities, we’re committed to make your travel a pleasant and top-notch experience.


Explore Fabulous Tourist Attractions of Barcelona for Pittance

The city of Barcelona evokes tourists’ interest with its ever pleasant climate, cosmopolitan character and easy going environment. Several tourist attraction, spectacular beaches and vibrant markets seems to unfurling a red carpet before guests while bustling nightlife, presence of several restaurants and bars makes sure that they the tourist won’t have a moment of boredom while they are visiting this city. Not a surprise, tourists often board business class flights to Barcelona to explore this fabulous city on their own.

And if you are of the opinion that travelling to a foreign destination could be an expensive affair then shake off this thinking as the city has several free activities that you can enjoy without spending even a single penny.

Beaches top the list of tourist attractions

Beaches are top attractions in Barcelona and there is no two opinions regarding this. And the tourists can get to the beaches while walking for just 10 minutes. The guests can be beach bum at golden beaches. Barceloneta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city but it remains crammed with tourists owing to its proximity to city. There are also some cafes and bars in proximity to beach that make it worth enjoying.


Gaudi’s Architecture

Tourists often visit the city of Barcelona to take a peek into its magnificent architecture. And it is hard to imagine the architecture of Barcelona without exploring the architecture marvels designed and built by the noted architect Antoni Gaudi. Besides designing several buildings this famed architect has also designed a parks named Parc Güell. Just sit idle at this park to pay tribute to this renowned architect. So if you nurture a love for architectural masterpieces then Gaudi’s architecture should be your ideal destination.


Go green at Pac de la Ciutadella

If you are looking for some green moments right in the heart of the city then you should visit Parc de la Ciutadella spread over 74 acres of land. The park also has a lake, a zoo and several museums to make your tours more enjoying. The park gives you an escape from the hustle and bustle of the hum drum of the city life of Barcelona. Family vacationer should often go to park to spend some quality moments with their family and friends. So walk across the green meadows and palm trees and glance at spectacular fountains and sculptures. It is really a really a respite to find such a lush green place right in the heart of the city.

Your Tranquil Moments in Barcelona

Being one of the most important Spanish cities, Barcelona is also home to some tranquil and spiritual places and Catedral de Barcelona is one among them. Also referred as Le Seu the cathedral is named after Barcelona’s patron Saint Eulalia. This 13th century cathedral is well known for its impressive interiors and a garden.


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Explore Magic Fountain Show for free

The list of free offering of Barcelona tourism is very vast and we are enlisting only prominent among them. The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is one such attraction which is highly frequented by the visitors. Music fountains that came into existence in 1929 is still very attractive and catching the fancy of visitors.

The city of Barcelona offers free entry to several attractions so that the tourist visiting the city can get acquainted with the city without thinking much about the budget.

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A Trip To Barcelona Is A Trip To Another Dimension

The second biggest city of Spain, Barcelona represents a mélange between business, fashion, arts, history and culture that distinguishes it clearly from other European capitals. It is both an haute couture cosmopolitan town and a friendly place to visit and take a trip to, as even if it not as extravagant and flashy as Madrid, Milan or Paris, it is a city where good taste, elegance, class and refinement meet every imaginable type of entertainment possible without even a hint of tacky. It is a romantic city people choose for a quick spectacular getaway and it can be one of the best destinations for a long family vacation that can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes. Barcelona has a little something for everybody and a day on foot through the town will reveal not only small miracles, but also incredible fun ways to spend your free time.

Sagrada Familia leaves everybody breathless


You may have seen it on TV or bumped into some Internet photos taken by others. But standing in front of this Antoni Gaudi masterpiece is an experience one has to live at least once during their lifetime. It is not only large – as a building – but it releases around it an unseen feeling of sacred monumentality, of spirituality and even a fear of the unknown. You can visit it, you can pay your respects to Gaudi himself who is buried here and you can climb to the towers to enjoy the entire city lying down at your feet.

Aquarium Barcelona will keep the kids busy for hours


Remember that this is the second most visited touristic objective in the city and it offers its visitors no less than 35 water basins displaying an incredible variety of sea fauna. You may actually spend an entire day here, especially if the children want to see all the fish and sea animals and it is close to one famous mall, so the day might finish in a shopping spree.

Barcelona Zoo Parc keeps the adults applauding too


If you’re on a family vacation, you have to reserve a whole day for the Ciutadella Parc, as you will not only have the opportunity to see animals from all the corners of the world, but also aquatic shows displaying dolphins and killer whales. The day dedicated to the zoo may also have room for other attractions, but if you took your group of friends there or the children, expect to reserve a different day for other activities, Ciutadella is so entertaining, you won’t feel the time passing.

Take a walk on La Rambla


Every city has its old side, its romantic side, its magic area where you feel transported to another age and transgress to a different realm and Barcelona doesn’t fall behind at all in this regard. La Rambla is the old city, one of the most charming, romantic and celebrated areas in Europe. It is a place where the old and the new meet in a variety of architectural works, people, extravagant and colorful artists, zillions of small shops, bars and terraces, famous cultural institutions and a powerful feeling of being alive.

Barri Gotic or the magical realm


Not far from La Rambla, you can walk to Barri Gotic on foot to enter another world. In a city where history represents a landmark in itself and you can admire miracles of the past on every corner, Barri Gotic is more than an initiation phase, is an almost surrealist place which speaks about Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro, about medieval times and times when Romans were still the absolute rulers of the city. It is a labyrinth of streets, small plazas, souvenir shops, buildings, ruins, paved narrow roads and breathtaking scenery where the ghosts of the past friendly accompany you in your journey.

Barcelona is not just a place where you can breathe history and culture. Modern and alive to the teeth, it is hard not to find the perfect club or pub for a night out, it is hard not to find an activity suitable for the entire family, for a romantic couple, for a bunch of sports lovers (Camp Nou and FC Barcelona Museum are always welcoming their soccer fans) or for a city – break with a couple of buddies.


The name Barcelona brings along the comfort in it leave along Madrid the capital city of Spain. Culture and tradition are among the glamorous things that gather tourist from different part to this town. However, not forgetting the beautiful Gothic, excellent cuisine and modernistic architecture present. To your information Barcelona is the only city to win Royal gold medal of Architecture. Despite all this, the cutting edge design scenes together with the vibrant nightfall in the town is what makes tourist pour from all corners of this world. Barcelona is surely among the coolest and modern cities not to miss out.

Located along the breezy Mediterranean and surrounded by mountains adds the advantage. Arriving at Barcelona is quiet simple with the many routes associated with it together with the suitable airport. With routes from London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon and many other spots makes it friendly for tourist from anywhere. Round trips from international flights and classic hotels will favor the tour. In addition, an ESTA is recommended in order to determine the eligibility of a tourist to differentiate those with good motives from those with an evil ones. Spotlights in Barcelona are of great interest for one to explore. Below are a number of them:

1.Famous Antonio Miro
Here one learns and discovers the lifestyle and fashion in Barcelona. His creativity and determination has led to innovation of some of the world’s classy designs. Stopping and experimenting the Antonio Miro style will obviously modernism your tour.

2. El Consertori
The ”fairy tale” tower completed in 1927.The eminence history and story in the building will surely give you a lesson of one or two things.The marathon music gives one an opportunity to see the different talents of the young school. Throughout the year the school organizes free concert for people to watch them.

3.The day of a million roses
Spain known for relationship and love, this is an event not to miss.On this day the streets and pathway are filled with dancers, performers and entertainers as millions of Spaniards and visitors chrome from the young to the old to appreciate those they love, pride and also behold.

4. Market life
The bazaar of culture in Barcelona starting from their Catalan to Spanish cuisine will amaze you. The fresh vegetables, fish and meat they offer. To complement these, other local foods and some of their staple food of which are of high quality and of good quantity.

Besides the many mentioned, Barca the king of football cannot be left out. Visit their spectacular stadium and on a good day get autographs from some of the best players to brag with back at home.Try out the world class MACBA museum also.

Many of those who have visited Barcelona have a long story to tell capable to fit a novel.They also promise to one day return to the place to experience the joy and entertainment one more.Barcelona is a destination not to miss out if you love to travel and leisure.The tour will surely be one of it’s kind not to be forgotten in the near future.